Talk to Your Doctor about the Singapore Valve Replacement

If your disease is mild or you are otherwise relatively healthy, you might benefit only from making a few lifestyle changes. You may be prescribed some drugs that may help control cholesterol, blood pressure, or control your heartbeat. You might also be referred to a nutritionist or somebody who can help you consider your eating habits and how little changes may impact your overall health. A fitness program, monitored by your doctor, can also be a recommendation for many individuals.

While not invasive, you should still ask your physician especially about the recommended medications. Be certain that you completely understand what the medication is going to do for you, and any possible side effects. If there are fairly well-known side effects, then inquire about options that may minimize your chance of having them. If you choose to register for an exercise program, ask your physician to detail out the amount of action you should start with, and how they want to get regular reports of progress.

valve replacement

Minimally Invasive

If medication, diet, and exercise Modifications are not enough, there are a number of minor procedures which might be provided as valve replacement singapore treatment choices. If you are experiencing difficulties with chest pain or pressure, or other signs of cardiovascular disease, you may be recommended for a heart catheterization. In this procedure, a tube is inserted through the arteries in the arms or legs, reaching into your heart. The physician uses special tools to inject dye, clear clogged arteries, or insert a stent to open up the artery. Although this process is done in a hospital, the patient can usually go home the same day, and rest for the next several days.

If your doctor is recommending a Minor procedure in this way, ensure you understand why.


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